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Music Director at Northside Christian Church

18th Apr, 2017


The musical adventure continues for me.

First, I want to thank all of my fans, friends and family for supporting me over the past few decades of music.

YES! My newest adventure is Music Director for a beautiful historic church in Cincinnati, Northside Christian Church. I found a listing online that they were looking for a…

Introducing Jennifer’s New Duo… Runaway Sidecar

16th Aug, 2015


I was thinking that I haven’t officially announced to my Jennifer Ellis Music fans my newest musical adventure… my duo, Runaway Sidecar… or as we joke together during our live shows ““… always about the “dot com”.

In any case, my amazingly talented friend and the drummer I’ve worked with here in Cincinnati…

Holiday Jazz Quartet

21st Jan, 2015


Here’s a video clip to enjoy from one of our many holiday jazz concerts. Our quartet includes Bobby Sharp on drums, Dan Karlsberg on the organ, and Sandy Suskind flute.

Bluegrass for Babies

5th Dec, 2013


BLUEGRASS FOR BABIES - Jennifer Ellis performed from 4:15 -4:45 PM.

This is the annual fundraiser for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, at Sawyer Point. Kids admission & food FREE. Admission was $20 at gate. Congrats to Matt and Bluegrass for Babies for a hugely successful event. There were so many families and smiling faces. Thank you for having me…

The Magic of Art

5th Dec, 2013


On October 5, 2013 at 2:00PM Jennifer Ellis performed for the Magic of Art, 5th Annual Wee Folk Festival accompanied by amazing Sebastian Donati on the hand drums (Cajon). The festival was an Art experience to develop self-discipline, creativity and confidence that helps children to succeed in school, work and life. It was a family…

I Like to Move It, Move It

19th Jun, 2013


Walking around in a circle or… around the entire house from room to room…

  1. Assign an action/movement to an instrument (skipping, tip-toeing, crawling, walking, etc)
  2. Only 2 rules - “Freeze” when the instrument stops playing AND “Go” and do the action/movement the instrument indicates.

For example:

maracas =  skipping
drums = crawling
bells = tip-toeing

You play maracas, then drums, then maracas, then… stop! Your…

Homemade Maracas Rock

19th Jun, 2013


You’ll need:

  1. Recycle water bottle (small, 12 oz, or 2 liter)
  2. Rice and/or beans (optional: add colorful beads)
  3. Colored electrical tape
  4. Glue

Need I say more? Funnel the rice and/or beans into the small water bottle using a piece of paper rolled to the shape of a cone for a funnel….

The 2 Minute Song Challenge

19th Jun, 2013


Believe it or not… this challenge is harder than you may think.

  1. Pick one instrument
  2. Play it for an entire song

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