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Draw How Music Makes You Feel

19th Jun, 2013


Pick 2 contrasting songs of your choice. Maybe a lullaby and jazz standard or a techno dance tune.

  1. You need 2 sheets of paper and crayons.
  2. Play one song at a time and ask your child to draw how the music makes them feel. Big circles, crazy lines, slow waves, change the colors or make jumping dots…

Guess the Instrument Game

19th Jun, 2013


This game is fun and easy with that element of surprise that all kids are sure to love.

  1. Walk around your home and collect as many musical instruments as you can find laying around (or tucked away in that bin). Some great examples include egg shakers or maracas, a drum or coffee can,¬†a tambourine, jingle…

What If Everyone Did It Too?

4th Feb, 2013


NEW RELEASE! I had the honor and priviledge this past year of working on a songwriting project with David Kisor, an accomplished singer, songwriter, composer, performer and teacher whom over the past twenty years has written extensively for the classroom and the stage, including works for The Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, The Children’s Theatre…

Shoe-pa-looza Holiday Concert @ Dayton Mall

8th Dec, 2012


Today’s Holiday concert at the Dayton Mall was so much fun! The mall was PACKED and there were hundreds of kids and parents enjoying some Holiday music, dancing, balloons, and much more! I think the favorite song of the afternoon was not the wonderful Holiday tunes (which everyone sang-a-long to) but when…

Songwriting Workshop

23rd Apr, 2012


Here are some pictures from the “Future Rock Stars” class Miss Jennifer taught to the Daisy (Kindergarten) Girl Scouts of Madeira, Ohio so they could earn their Music badge, as well as pictures from the “Songwriting 101 Workshop” Miss Jennifer taught the Juniors (10 year olds). Thanks for sharing these pictures Brandi!

Jennifer Ellis on Fox 19 Morning News

1st Jul, 2011


After the article in the Cincinnati Enquirer came out, I got an email from Sheila Gray asking if I would be “interested” in being on her morning show. I responded that same day with a definitely “YES!”

I mailed her a CD before the interview and later learned that she has a 4-year…

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