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Rise & Shine, It’s Time to Play by Jennifer Ellis

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10 original jazz, blues, and pop-rock children’s songs the whole family will enjoy… over and over and over again.

All songs written by Jennifer Ellis. Produced and arranged by Roger Klug at Mental Giant Music. Basic tracks, mixing, and mastering by Bill Gwynne at Group Effort Studios. Featured musicians include Bobby Sharp on drums, Dan Karlsberg on Keyboard/Organ, Dave Ridenour on guitar(s), Roger Klug on additional instruments & sweetening, and Jennifer Ellis Vocals/Whistling. CD Duplication at QCA, inc.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved. Publisher Jennifer Ellis Music.

Just a Little Jazz and Pop

Other original songs by Jennifer Ellis


Original songs by Stirling (Patty Shukla & Jennifer Ellis)

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Cartoon Animated Video – Everybody Bounce by Jennifer Ellis

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Let’s Get Our Wiggles Out

Bath Time

Jennifer Ellis and Jingle Bell Friends on the Sheila Gray Fox 19 WXIX-TV morning news show. December 12, 2011. Cincinnati, OH

Jennifer Ellis performing at the annual charitable bluegrass concert benefiting Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, September 17, 2011. Her interactive high-energy family show took the stage between the two other national bluegrass bands presenting that day, Relic & The Comet Bluegrass All-Stars. Thank you for improving children’s health!

Jennifer Ellis performing jazz standards like All of Me, It Had To Be You, Lullaby of Birland and original children’s music on the main stage, Blue Ash Square, in Cincinnati, Ohio for the city’s yearly concert series. Jennifer is also a jazz whistler and performs a solo in this live recording of Lullaby of Birldland.

Jennifer Ellis performs on Hyde Park Square September 30, 2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio jazz standards and her own original children’s music. This is a picture montage of this high-energy family event with her original children’s jazz song as the video soundtrack. “Good Morning” can be found on her kid’s album “Rise & Shine… It’s Time to Play!” Featured musicians include Bobby Sharp on drums, Dave Ridenour on electric guitar, and Dan Karlsberg on organ.

Jennifer Ellis was the All-State finalist representing Palm Beach Gardens High School in 1991 who was chosen to perform the end whistling solo in the Solider’s Song by Bemstein. This performance was recorded live at the Tampa Convention Center. The Choral Conductor, Dr. John Sinclair, had decided to hire an oboe player to perform the ending but changed his mind after hearing Jennifer whistle.

Patty Shukla and Jennifer Ellis perform at the Dayton Mall in Ohio for Momtopia. Summer 2011 Annual Twins Tour. Patty lives in Palm Beach Florida and Jennifer lives in Cincinnati, and every summer this identical twin duo tour the United States performing their original children songs.

NEW Video created by Growing Sound of the song David Kisor and I wrote and sang on their newest album, Everyone is Someone. This song is called “What if Everyone Did It Too“ ENJOY!

Copyright © 2013 Jennifer Ellis :: Professional Singer and Songwriter. All rights reserved.